What is idle keyboard?

  • idle keyboard plays a varying list of keyboard typing and other sound files in a continual loop. The ambient typing sounds can be a motivational tool to spur your inate work ethic.

Why use this?

  • If you work in an office, you know it's important to look busy at all times. Many things you do on a computer involve very little sound and give the impression to peers that you are doing nothing, prompting a quick peek into your office. The sound of a keyboard typing says you are on top of things.

How do I use this?

  • After you hit the play button (finger pointing down), leave the webpage going (minimize) and adjust the volume to a realistic level of your personal typing style. Have the mute button handy for quick stopping. If you're listening to music at the same time it will obviously mute the music also. You can now adjust the volume indepenent of the mouse sound or just remove it completely. Warning: Be sure not to walk away from your computer while playback.

What if I don't hear anything?

  • Adjust your speaker sound and make sure the volume slider on the page is set to 100 to test the website. Your system sound level may be turned off ((windows) start>settings>control panel>sounds and audio devices). Make sure you have Flash installed Make sure your browser is up to date. Last but not least, your IT dept may have a tight sphincter. Asking them may not have a positive outcome.

Is this it?

  • I will add links that I like and use regularly with the idea that it might be useful to other employees with a few extra minutes between office tasks. I hope you enjoy it or at least get a laugh.

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